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It wasn’t easy, but with help from my lovely pet Sam, I managed to grow an empire. Oh, did I mention it was all done from my home?

AC Mechanic is here to ensure that it never happens to you. We are based in Australia and as the name suggests, provide the best AC repair services throughout Australia. Our skills in the industry and time bound solutions make it easier for all our clients to get their Air Conditioners repaired from us.


In AC repair, we provide the following services to our clients:

Gas Refills

After every winter, the Air conditioner condenser seems to need its maintenance. Gas refills are a very important part of this maintenance. We provide gas refills at the most cost-effective services and our swift service ensures that we do it in the shortest time possible.

On Call Services

In addition to appointments for Gas Refills and all our other services, we provide on call consultation and services. So, the moment you feel your air conditioning is acting up, you call us and we will get to you immediately. This not only ensures that you do not have to suffer, but also that your air

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4 x 4 Winch-what you should keep in mind before buying one

Choosing a winch for your 4wd is not an easy task. It is something for which you might need to spend a whole lot of money and you might probably not even use it. However you might still need to buy it because it is essential if and when ever you might need it down the road.

Factors to consider when buying 4×4 winch

Keep the following things in mind before you buy a winch for your 4wd vehicle:

  • The first thing that you should consider when buying a winch is the weight of your vehicle. Its important to look at the total weight of the setup which means that you should include the weight of your vehicle as well as any gear or trailer that you are towing along with it. Experts recommend that you should buy a range which is at least two times the load weight of your vehicle.
  • The next thing that you need to consider is the purpose for which you are using the winch. Somebody who is just an average traveler requires only a safety device in case they get stuck into a tricky situation. However if you are an adrenaline junky you may want to consider the speed of your winch as well. You should consider buying a larger one which has a faster lines with and a bigger motor. This would allow you to push harder so you can easily get out from a tricky situation.
  • Final factor which would determine the purchase of the winch is the weight in the front of your vehicle. A vehicle which already has a suspension for carrying the additional load could do well with a heavy winch. It should be kept in mind that the winch which has a synthetic rope can almost 25 to 30 kg to the front of the vehicle and the additional steel cable is going to add an extra 10 kg at least. Though it may not sound like much this weight can have a substantial impact on the way your vehicle is handled and it would also impact its longevity.
  • When it comes to a winch, it’s better to go with a bigger one. In case you are not too sure about the dimensions of your vehicle it is essential that you find a winch which can carry out the load in any problematic situation. Using a winch which is too small for your vehicle can burn out the solenoid. On the other hand a bigger winch means that you can use it for a longer time without having to worry about the vehicle getting overheated.

The above mentioned are all important factors which you need to consider when buying a 4×4 winch. However it is better to get professional advice. Talk to an expert when you choose to buy 4WD winches from UV4x4.

Tips For Selecting a Truck Repair Service

When dealing with an automotive, the trucks and buses have to be the ones that crary the most baggage, both physically and on the driver. They are heavy vehicles which is why when they suffer a breakdown or an accident, they could cost a heavy repair. However, the key is to get a quality repair not an expensive one in order to ensure that the problem is fixed and will not be creating room for a bigger problem. With such facts, it is important that you choose the right repair service to back up the issues that you could face. Here are a few tips that could help you select a good repairing service.

Go online

In this modern era, you will find that everything has gone online. From electricians, mechanics, grocery shopping to finding lawyers, doctors and even freelancing options can be found on the internet if you do a little research. Hence, you will find that the safest and fastest way of finding a good repair service for the trucks is to search various websites that offer these services. Check out their websites and you will have all your queries answered rather than calling someone up and having to wait hours for the call to connect.

Get referrals

When you are trying to hire a service, the best way is to get referrals and suggestions from people you know. This will help narrow down your search for truck repairs sydney service and you will have someone that has offered quality services to a trusted person from your contacts. It also helps save you the trouble of encountering scams and is a great way to save time on narrowing down different companies. Referrals can also be found online. You can search their websites and find reviews of customers who have had the experience with the respective companies.

Know your needs

The key to finding the best automotive repair service is to know what you want in them. You must see for yourself what kind of repair service you are looking for, is the shop near you so that you can have the truck taken in case of emergency? Do their services offer the things you want? Do their services fall in the budget you have placed for the repairs? All of these things should be considered before you make the final decision.

Experienced professionals

When you are researching the truck service that will best suit your needs, try to find one that is equipped with professional and experienced to offer services. If you take a problem to the shop and they do not provide quality services, it will cost you another heavy repair to fix a bigger problem the next time which is not something you would like.

How do car air conditioning systems work?

With the arrival of the new season it is important for your customers to have a perfect cleaning of the air conditioning system, Würth offers a wide range of tools and equipment for car air conditioners and for their cleaning. If you want to disinfect cars in less than an hour and eliminate all germs with a medical surgical device, try the two products from the Würth range now!

The air conditioning of cars is essential in order to have maximum comfort and maximum safety when driving a vehicle. Both in summer and in winter it is essential to have an air conditioning system not only to have the right temperature but also in case of fogging of the windshield, an air conditioner ensures perfect visibility and cleans the internal air. The high load of impurities in the outside air, especially during peak times of urban traffic, also enters the vehicle interior through the normal ventilation system: by correctly cleaning the air conditioning system, this is limited by the system of filtering.

Before discovering tools and equipment for car air conditioners, let’s find out the types of air conditioners

The only compressors used for vehicle air conditioners are oil lubricated volumetric compressors. The compressor sucks the refrigerant gas from the evaporator (the liquid refrigerant fluid is practically incompressible), compresses it by increasing its pressure and sends it to the condenser. The power supplied by the compressor is such as to generate sufficient cooling power even with the engine in neutral. The electromagnetic joint is flanged to the compressor, which is activated by the motor by means of a ribbed V-belt and which switches the compressor on or off. The compressor works only when the air conditioner is switched on.

Ko machine? Here are tips for avoiding scams from the mechanic

Here are ten practical tips to avoid nasty surprises even if you think that the only type of candle in the world is only that of wax.

The first step is to choose the right workshop. By “right” here we basically mean that relating to one of these types: that of your trusted mechanic , whom you have known for years and on whose honesty you would be bridges to swear, or a workshop authorized by the “parent company” .

The second case is definitely advisable if you have to carry out interventions such as the service or if your machine (or some of its components replaced previously) are still covered by the warranty. However, let us remember that for about ten years the European Union has also provided an alternative path, giving space to independent workshopswho write on the invoice that the work carried out on the vehicle complies with the prescriptions of the parent company. In this second case it is like going to an authorized workshop but, often, managing to save a few euros.

The other choice to be made at the start is if the machine has a complex problem. Maybe after an accident parts of the body, control unit and engine were damaged. Clearly relying on a large and multifunctional workshop can lower the costs of repair, without seeing your machine tossed between several mechanics with various transfers that would inflate the final expense.

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